UDF IV investors, together with investors in other UDF programs including UDF V and UDF III, continue to file claims against their broker-dealer firms through the Peiffer Rosca Wolf law firm.

The Peiffer Rosca Wolf law firm’s securities lawyers have been filing new cases on behalf of UDF investors harmed by their investment in several UDF programs.  Their focus is on the securities broker-dealer firms that improperly sold UDF products to their customers.

The Peiffer Rosca Wolf attorneys are handling a large and growing number of claims for investors who bought UDF products that were unsuitable for their investment goals and needs, and that were not subjected to meaningful due diligence by the broker-dealers. Many of these claims are still pending, but some of the earliest-filed claims have already been resolved. Each case is, of course, different and its resolution depends on its own merits; past successes are not indicative of future results.

Attorney Alan Rosca, who is overseeing the cases on behalf of UDF investors, noted that “brokerage firms have a duty to ensure that investments they recommend to their customers are suitable for investors’ investment profile. They also have a duty to ensure that they have a reasonable basis before recommending any investment product to members of the investing public. We will continue to hold liable those investment firms that fail to fulfill these duties to their customers.”

Investors who believe they lost money invested in UDF may contact the attorneys at Peiffer Rosca Wolf, Alan Rosca, James Booker, or Greg Gipson, at 888-998-0520, or via email at arosca@prwlegal.com for a free, no-obligation evaluation of their recovery options. Contingency fee representation is available, with no down payment. The Peiffer Rosca Wolf law firm typically advances the case costs and only gets paid for the costs it advanced and its fees if and when it recovers money for the clients.

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