The Peiffer Wolf investors’ rights attorneys finalized pleadings they intend to file on behalf of United Development Funding IV (“UDF IV”) and United Development Funding V (“UDF V”) investors. If you invested in UDF IV or UDF V, you may call the Peiffer Wolf law firm for a free no-obligation discussion about your investment recovery options at 585-310-5140.

The United Development Funding offices were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on February 18, 2016. According to reports, a number of computers and documents were taken from the scene. That same day, UDF IV’s stock price collapsed and the stock was suspended from trading on NASDAQ.

The FBI raid follows after United Development Funding revealed that it was investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission starting in April 2014. Recently, United Development Funding was accused of running a “Ponzi-like” real estate investment scheme by hedge fund manager Kyle Bass. To bolster his accusation, Bass launched to share information he uncovered concerning United Development Funding.

Peiffer Wolf ’s securities attorneys often represent investors who have lost money as a result of Ponzi schemes, investment fraud, or stockbroker misconduct. They are currently working with many United Development Funding investors to help them recover money they invested in UDF.

Investors who believe they have lost money as a result of their investments in United Development Funding or other programs may contact the securities attorneys at Peiffer Wolf , Jason kane, Colin Ray, or James Booker, for a free, no obligation evaluation of their recovery options, at 585-310-5140, via email at, or through the contact form on this website.

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